President’s Message

Deep Ocean Resources Development Co., Ltd. (DORD) was jointly established by the public and private sectors in 1982 to research and develop polymetallic (manganese) nodules, a seabed resource, deep in the ocean.

Amid growing global interest in deep-seabed mineral resources, of which enormous reserves are believed to exist, Japan is keen to develop offshore mineral resources such as polymetallic sulphides, cobalt-rich ferromanganese, rare earth mud, in addition to polymetallic nodules, to secure a stable supply in the future.

Since its founding, DORD has used research vessels to conduct many maritime surveys on polymetallic nodules in the deep sea off Hawaii. In 1987, DORD acquired a mining area of 75,000 km2 in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone through international channels. Later, in 2001, the company concluded a 15-year exploration contract with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), followed by its five-year extension in 2016 to further continue resource surveys and environmental studies.

In addition to the above surveys, DORD has contributed to the international community. The company has provided the ISA with data obtained through its surveys, participated in the establishment of international rules for the research and development of deep seabed resources, accepted trainees to help cultivate human resources in developing countries, and collaborated with overseas research institutes.

In the near future, based on the rules and guidelines to be established by the ISA on development, changes in the social environment surrounding the development of deep seabed resources are expected to accelerate. To sustainably grow and further contribute to society as a pioneering developer of deep-seabed mineral resources, DORD will actively promote ways to more accurately locate polymetallic nodule resources, development of elemental technologies and systems for mining, lifting, smelting, and research into marine environmental impacts.

We will continue striving to satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders, and look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Yoshiteru Iyota, President